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Caroline Johnson, CEO Blu Emerald Media Services

Kaitlyn's Strategy Template and Training is so useful to both Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners! Creating a social media strategy & content plan is the first step to ensuring social media is batch worthy and purposeful! Without it, you feel like you're just spinning your wheels. As a new social media manager, I printed pages upon pages of "how to create a social media strategy" documents to piece together a strategy document for my clients. I wish I had a plug and play option like this! It would've saved me SOOO much time and energy! Grab this template and training ASAP! You will not be disappointed!

What is Covered

Complete your strategy in around 60 minutes!

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    Social Media Strategy

    • Start Here - Welcome

    • Writing Your Introduction

    • Setting Different Types of Goals

    • How to Outline Content Pillars

    • Breaking Down Types of Social Content

    • Your Client Persona

    • Planning, Prioritizing, & Hashtags

    • Management Tools & Training

    • Action Steps & Progress

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    • Social Media Strategy Template

    • BONUS: List of Suggestions

Let's Build Your Social Media Strategy Together!

It's time to stop wasting your time trying to figure out what to do every time you sit down to work on social media. Start planning now!