Social Boss Academy
Kaitlyn Pierce

Trello For Social Media Managers

Systematize Your SMM Business - Learn how to use the 4 included Trello Templates to systematize your Social Media Management Business with easy to use workflows and checklists!

Kaitlyn Pierce

Social Media Blueprint - Systems for your Sanity

Never miss another step when it comes to managing your social media! Get a full walkthrough of my custom Trello board, learn how to create your daily checklists, and set up a repeatable weekly workflow for yourself or employees to use!

Kaitlyn Pierce

Instagram For Business

Learn how to properly (and creatively!) use Instagram stories, your feed, and some easy to follow techniques to get your audience engaging with your content & your account growing! This course includes beautiful story graphics & fillable worksheets!

Kaitlyn Pierce

Social Media Systems & Trello Board + Instagram For Business BUNDLE

Get two courses in one! Systems for Social Media includes my custom Trello board, daily checklists, and repeatable weekly workflow for yourself or team! PLUS Learn how to properly (and creatively!) use Instagram stories, feed, and ways to grow!

Kaitlyn Pierce
2 x $280.00

Becoming a Social Media Manager

An in-depth course teaching you the systems and tools I use each day to onboard new clients, keep them organized, create strategies, an amazing customer experience, land new clients, set up a workflow & a lot more!

Kaitlyn Pierce

Simple Social Media Reporting

Download your social media report template and walk through where and why to grab the data you'll need from Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram.